i look through the lens and pretend to know what i’m doing…
most days, i have no clue, and i focus and refocus and pray that something turns out right.
cader tot
we make memories and i try to freeze them into 4×6 rectangles that i save to my computer.
taken by cader tot
i don’t even print them. they’re just there to be and see and to look at.
and i forget, easily. i’ll open up the files and browse
taken by cader
and my heart will stop remembering how he insisted on wearing that size-too-small jacket
pouty lips. long eye lashes.
and i’ll remember those little details that are so easy to forget.
taken by bubba
and i wonder will they remember i was there, too?
will they remember these days- these precious, rare, blessed days of just the three of us?
i was there. i am here.
and i won’t take a single second of this for granted…


  1. I have fallen in love with all of your posts and enjoy looking to see if you have added more. I have begun my own blog now too and am learning that you must be careful about what is posted for the safety of our soldiers. I appreciate Ann adding her post about the safety of our husbands and would have never considered that before. My friend was reading my blog and talked with me about safety and I found that Ann had once wrote about it! I love learning from the both of you how to be the wife my soldier will need! Thanks and the grass is green enough for me here with my husband and I am happy to be joining this military life with him! Yay!

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