Hi! Welcome to Pray and Scrub!

When a Southern storm blows through, it leaves scars in its path. You can trace the paths clear across the state once the clouds scatter. The wind dug deep into the skin of the earth and what is left behind is rain soaked and torn apart.

When muddy footprints run across the kitchen floor and the news tells us of the aftermath, there’s nothing left to do but pray and scrub. The sun peeks through eventually.

Hi! I’m Randi, the storyteller and memory keeper around here. I’m a believer in tough love and second chances. It took many hard years, but I’ve grown into my sunburned skin and this life has taught me hard lessons about broken hearts and heart-homes.

Long days are fueled by hope and coffee, and most of the time, I’ll tell you that I’m not even sure how I got here – here to this incredibly full-to-the-brim-and-overflowing life – but I did, and I am so happy to be right here. Someone had a hand in it all, that’s for sure.

You can find me always in search of magic and adventure, and probably cleaning up a mess.

When life became too big and scary, my hands scrubbed while my heart poured out prayers. I reminded myself that there’s life in a broken heart and love in the deepest pain. There’s beauty in praying your mess away, in scrubbing until your heart bleeds wide open.

Pray and Scrub came from a desire to share my heart and home in a way that’s real, just as it is… Magic can be found in the mess. It makes for a few good stories too.

Grab a glass of sweet tea. Let’s tell some tales…

xo, Randi