There are moments in your life that you’ll never forget. 

I remember the day I met her– mom of two boys, a toddler and a little still-nursing babe in her arms.
I was a mom of one, almost two… my belly, still growing Cade.

She was a calm, loving mama of two boys, and had it all together. 
I was run ragged, and wondering how I’d ever survive.
The seasons changed, babies were born, and deployment happened. 
We celebrated homecomings, trudged through cloudy, gray days, and enjoyed sunshine at castles. 
I learned her life was just as crazy-wild as mine, and somehow, I survived we survived together.
As I pulled away from her house for the last time earlier this week, she raised her hand- thumb out, two middle fingers folded down… sign language, for I love you.
I signed back and waved… averted my eyes to the road ahead.  
I choked back tears, because my mom signs I love you to me, something I don’t think I’d ever mentioned…


five years, five kids between us.
six, five, four, three, two.
strong husbands, by our sides. 
friendships, stronger than the Army. (cheesy, yes. truth, absolutely.)
tschüß, dear friend. 
can’t wait to hug you in the u.s. of a.


  1. I love how you two have grown so close and to watch you both mold into different people during this time spent in Germany. Sid I wish you the best back home and we are going to miss your Army toughness! My husband and I have grown to love your postings and your wonderful pictures. I know that you have decided to make these changes for some really great reasons and I pray that it all works out to be everything you need and desire! Don’t worry, You got this!

  2. HUGS to you!! I still remember looking back at her when I left her in Germany almost 2 years ago. It was sad. We had just begun our friendship and I was mostly sad because I knew I would be missing her. But life in the army causes you to forge forward, whether you want to or not. She’s a great person. I wish I could have met you too. 😉 HUGS!

  3. This is so sweet. I hated having to say goodbye to my best friend in Germany. Our kids were so close too.

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