Last year, I ended 2013 by watching movies alone in my house. The boys were further south and there were parties to attend but my heart needed pajamas and a flickering screen. 2014 began with the deafening peace and quiet of an empty house.

2012 ended before midnight, with a screaming match and hurtful words. I got up early the next morning and 2013 had started with rain. I drove around for a bit on the wet, empty roads and came back home with a peace offering of five buck coffee. A peace offering that was brushed aside for more sleep.

In these last weeks of 2014, I had declared that 2015 would be my year- the year I kick ass, the year I don’t settle, the year I move forward. This new year would bring new starts.

Last night, our countdown was on my phone and we hugged those we love at midnight. We made wishes to this new year that stands before us. This morning we’re in a cabin on the lake, and the water is smooth and the coffee is warm and not fancy in yesterday’s styrofoam cup.

And on this first day of 2015, I know (believe) it’s mine and the only Peace offering I need comes from Him.

Happy 2015. I wish you the happiest. I wish you Peace.


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