Everybody wants to know what comes next.
Since we’ve been home, I’ve been asked that question at once a week.

We don’t know what comes next,
only that something does.

Something always comes next.
One door closes, another opens, right?

He comes home this week.
That comes next.

From there?
We’re trusting that we’ll figure out.

The future, our future, is wide-ass open.
The world is at our feet.

Did you see/hear/read/get that?
We lived in Germany for 5 years,
have now moved back home to small town, Alabama…
And the world is at our feet!

We’ve discussed every option we can think of, and then some…
But when you’ve spent 7 years doing everything someone else has told you to do,
it’s hard figuring out what it is that you really want to do

It brings tears to my eyes to think about it.
He fought for freedom and for safety.
He went into that war zone we’re all terrified of.
And now? He gets to experience that freedom.
He gets to live it.

But, again, what comes next?



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