after work hugs

many happy homes

growing like weeds

knee high grass

when ends meet

more than enough

so much cake (kb)

happy, healthy family (lv)

blessed, for sure

He loves her (cg)

Never too much (bw)

Extra queso please. (jv)

Still she hoped. (jls)

Turn the corner. (jls)

and keep going

And she flew (ww)

I’m always here. (ec)

God loves always. (mp)

Chicken & Waffles (js)

cold drink, laughter

New every morning (mp)

Mama loves you. (ec)

That’ll never change.

He came home. (ep)

Two happy babies. (ep)

Margaritas and guac. (ep)

The Sonic ice. (ep)

It’s finally bedtime. (ep)

Long distance friends. (ep)

Caught my heart.

Took my breath.

Home sweet home. (ac)

settle in, loves.

Yet she survived. (ad)

She always will.

Yet she persisted. (bw)

hate tossed out

love grown wild

I love cats! (rk)

It is finished (je)

She stayed strong. (jw)

I love you (jw)

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